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Towards the Light (2017)


Watercolor on cold press paper.
Size: 9in x 6in
Date: April 6th, 2017

I painted this thinking of a cave—I've spent much of my life clambering out of an unfortunate childhood. But here I'm finally near the end of the journey towards the light. The deepness of the cave is ending in translucent gemstone walls, filtering light from the golden sun outside, very visible in the near distance. The light of the sun is warm and inviting. Even so, the darkness of this part of the cave isn't an inescapable blackness, but a deep amethyst. The viewer is reaching the end of one journey—and wandering into the next.

This is my first abstract painting. Abstracts compress much more meaning than non-abstract works—leaving behind the stricter rules of representation allows more room for emotion and thought to spread across the page. Pure meaning becomes the rule, rather than representation.

Abstracts are so raw and yet so refined. They always surprise me.