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Palette Cleanser (2017)


Date: July 23, 2017
Size: 8in x 5in
Watercolor and ink on coldpress.

I adore still life works, and their focus on smaller subject groupings like fruit or paperweights creates a larger-than-life feel for objects taken for granted in everyday life.

This feeling reminds me of Chinese landscapes—because the mountains and valleys really are far more dramatic than a most modern audiences expect. Those little figures dwarfed by waterfalls and forests in so many paintings and scroll works really are true to scale.

So I decided to combine the two—adding tiny ink figures to my still lifes in the scale of Chinese landscape works. And I suspect these days many of us miss the dreams of safety and food security, which my fruit still lifes nowadays evokes with these tiny fisherfolk and farmers eking out a living in a cornucopia landscape.