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Daffodils from the Storm (2017)


Watercolor and ink on coldpress.
Size: 5in x 3.25in
Date: March 25, 2017

Daffodils rescued and brought inside after an early spring storm. They may seem dulled, beaten, but their inner fire can still bloom and light the way in the darkness.

I often combine flowers and fire symbology—normally an unlikely pairing that signifies destruction, but to me flowers are what come after a hard winter (or, in some cases, during winter). Fire can destroy, but it, too, is associated with rebirth, like phoenixes. 

So when I combine flowers and fire, I'm talking about fire forging a rebirth. Not just that, but using that inner fire formerly used to destroy as a force for creation and opening layers of beauty to the world. 

Trauma survivor is just written all over my art, isn't it?