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Progress In Bites

Progress in Bites

Some of my flailings during my art process. Posted here so that I may look back on them in the future and shake my head, and laugh. 

An attempt at four mugs

Time period: 2016 April to 2016 August. 

I was so embarassed by my continuous failure to paint four mugs that I gave up after six consecutive attempts, three of which are shown here. 

I continued to practice and learn drawing. 

Then in August I tried it again, and it just worked. 

Trying so hard at still lifes

Time period: September 2016 to December 2016.

Still lifes eluded me for quite a bit. They still do, more or less, but I've managed to improve myself. 

The ordering is: single mug, creamer and sugar packets, three fruits on a cloth, four random small objects, table setting that started melting Dali-style in my head, and a revisit of the three fruits with a Mt. Fuji cloth in the background.