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Extracting Lines from Scanned/Photographed Drawings

As it turns out, the rather expensive Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint EX's feature of extracting lines from a layer exists in the rather inexpensive and free MediBang Paint Pro app. 

Under the Filters menu, at the bottom, is "Extracting Lines..." It pops up a level-correction-style dialog, except it works rather well even on pencil art. 

A little explanation guide: 

But that doesn't just work on line art—it also works remarkably well on pencil art, which is difficult to get right on level correction alone: 

So yes—it is entirely possible to extract lines from scanned and photographed line art without resorting to level fiddling in Photoshop/GIMP/Pixelator or paying $200+ for Clip Studio Pro EX or Corel Painter. Just download MediBang Paint Pro for free.