Ava Jarvis Art
Ink and Watercolor Artist


About Ava Jarvis, an Ink and Watercolor artist who works in a mashed-up style of Escher and Cézanne with influences from a Vietnamese heritage.

About Ava Jarvis

What I Do

I’m an ink and watercolor artist. I create a full-colored art piece every single week and I want to share my art with the world. My subjects range from inspiration to meditation, with contemplation on trauma recovery and living life to its fullest.

My art style might best be categorized as Surreal Expressionism: somewhat like Dali or Magritte. My biggest influence is Escher, with more than a touch of Cézanne for bright colors. Recently I’ve been researching my ancestral roots in Vietnam, which also influences my work.

But I’m an artist! Instead of me blathering on, you can look at some of my latest artwork:

Why I Do It

In 2017, I flipped my career from software development to artist wholesale and I didn’t look back.

I have a talent for art, which is good and entirely unexpected. Professional artists I know have said my progress is nothing short of meteoric.

My health being what it is, I can’t be a software developer anymore. I was in denial over that fact up through most of 2015, then in deep regret about it in 2016. But with 2017, all that denial and regret has burned away.

Art awoke a deep passion in me that I’ve never experienced before, and so I’m using the time that I have left to work in what I love. It’s neither a fleeting nor passive affair either—I have a desire for expression that goes beyond soft-focus flower paintings, if only because I do things like freeze a lily and set its water reflection on fire.

I’m never going to stop arting.

Where I Do It

Online: you can find me at one of the following lovely social media sites.

I also have a Patreon tip jar.

In real life: I live on the lovely isle of Bainbridge Island in Washington State—from a pragmatic standpoint, we're part of the Greater Seattle Area, but technically we're part of the Kitsap Peninsula. 

You can contact me via email at me@avajarvis.com.

Who I Am

I was born and raised in the Midwest. I survived over two decades of traumatic abuse, and then survived Amazon.com as a software developer in the ordering trenches for another decade more. 

In late 2014 I quit Amazon due to health issues. In 2015 I found my faith in Jinja Shintoism. In 2016 I began my art training. 

And in 2017, I decided to commit fully to becoming an artist and never look back.

In the past, I've played quite a few boardgames. ^_^ Sometimes I still write about them on my board game blog here.

How I Do It

For the technical nitty-gritty, which is geared towards other artists, see my Art Process Blog off-site, Sinopiasaur. The blog on this site, Tangled Gossamer, is aimed towards non-artists to spread knowledge about art, to talk in more detail about what art means to me, and to share the story behind each of my art pieces.